East Chevington and Druridge Bay CP

15 May

With the weather forecast looking generally iffy but the coast around Druridge Bay seeming to offer the only hope of any sunshine, we had a family trip to East Chevington and Druridge Bay Country Park, along with several hundred marathon runners as it turned out today was the Druridge Bay marathon. It was a better day for marathon running than for strolling and seeing birds I think.

We started by walking along the length of the East Chevington North Lake keeping eyes out for the white-winged black tern that has been in the area for the last week or so, but drew a blank on that front. Plenty of arctic and sandwich terns around along with various gulls, mallards, shoveller and shelduck. Swifts, swallows and housemartins were also out in good numbers, especially swifts.

When we reached the hides at the Southern end of the Lake we came across this chap :

Roe Deer

Roe Deer

He seemed particularly unworried by our presence as he hopped over a fence to walk in front of us and took a leisurely stroll into a small copse.

On the way back along the lake the hedges were alive with bird life with reed bunting, several whitethroat, linnet and sedge warblers.

Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

At Druridge Bay Country Park we did a circuit of the lake which took a bit longer than normal as we had to step out of the way of marathon runners every few metres!

The lake itself was fairly quiet with mute swans, mallards, gadwall, tufties and coot on the water and a couple of canada geese on the bank and a heron on the floating island.

Birds seen : Arctic tern, sandwich tern, coot, sedge warbler, whitethroat, reed bunting, linnet, herring gull, black-headed gull, grey heron, oystercatcher, canada goose, greylag goose, mute swan, mallard, gadwall, shoveller, shelduck, cormorant, tufted duck, swift, house martin, swallow

Mammals seen : Roe Deer

Route Info : East Chevington, Druridge Bay


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