Eagle Art and Orkney

24 Aug

Tomorrow marks the end of a few weeks of relative inactivity brought about by a bad case of tendonitis in my shoulder and a bit of a reaction to some medication, which means my scope for wandering has been vastly reduced (well that and the weather being a tad unpredictable and my temporarily “losing” my decent pair of binoculars).

Not had chance to get out and do any new photography but I was pleased to be contacted by wildlife artist Steve Bindon asking to use one of my golden eagle photos as the basis for a painting.

Golden Eagle

Its not the first time that one of my shots of “Boris” the golden eagle from Sion Hall Falconry centre has been used but the first time for this particular one. The photo that normally gets all the requests is a slightly more moody shot :

Golden Eagle

Obviously these shots are both taken in captivity. I know falconry centres are – much like zoos – a contentious subject for some but personally so long as they are run well they can be invaluable in terms of engaging people who simply are never going to be able to go out and see these birds in the wild.

Back on my feet now and heading for my first ever trip to the Orkney Islands via Perth and Inverness, so with luck I may get to augment my captive goldie photos with true wild ones, however I doubt that I’ll get quite so close!


One Response to “Eagle Art and Orkney”

  1. Alastair August 24, 2011 at 9:06 pm #


    Thanks for the comment on my blog. If you would like the heads up on any cetacean sightings or interesting birds whilst you’re in Orkney send me your mobile number to:

    (Literate Herring)

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