Prestwick Carr – debut visit.

20 Oct

At lunchtime today I made my first visit to Prestwick Carr – its crazy I’ve never been before as I work only around half a mile from the place and given the wildlife to be found there it should really have been high on my list of sites to check out when I arrived in the region, but in all honesty I’d looked at the maps and couldn’t really see an obvious route around the place.

With the presence of a large roost of short eared owls recently I’ve been thinking about a visit for a while but it was only when a birdforum member pointed me in the direction of the best pace to park and view the owls that I made a proper effort to check the place out.

Lunchtime of course isn’t really the best time for owls and next week I’ll try and get down after work around dusk, but I had an enjoyable half hour walk in the deceptively warm sunshine.

I didn’t really expect to see any sign of the owls and I wasn’t disappointed if that makes sense! I did however at one point have two buzzards, a kestrel and a sparrowhawk all in view, and I’ve never seen so many bullfinches in one place as I encountered in the berry-laden hedgerows.

Add to that wren, blue tit, robin, crows, rooks, jackdaws, magpies and jay it wasn’t too bad as a recce, and I’l definitely be back for a longer visit and hopefully will catch up with the elusive (well to me) owls.


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