Another tour of Druridge

7 Jan

Started this morning too early… thought I’d aim for Prestwick Carr to see if I could get any shots of the owls in the early morning sunshine that was promised. Got there half an hour before the sun finally made an appearance above the horizon and my patience lasted for about an hour after sun-up but still no owls. Had the compensation of the company of bullfinches and kestrel along with the blackies, wren, robins, gulls and a solitary fieldfare.

The clouds rolled in just as the sun came up so I cut my losses and headed for the coast.

Cresswell was again quiet – 50 or so golden plover were keeping the lapwings company and teal, wigeon and mallards were in evidence around the fringes but the place was spookily vacant.

Paid my first proper visit to Druridge pools since the summer and was pleased to find a couple of drake pintails and a handful of shovelers amongst the wigeon and teal on the budge fields. The main pool was deathly quiet – a handful of mute swans and three goldeneye was pretty much it apart from the obligatory moorhen and coot.


Back down the coast to St Mary’s Island and the tide was advancing, pushing the waders in towards to beach, affording nice views of sanderling and knot with the turnstones (no sign of the ringed plovers of last week) on the shore.


One Response to “Another tour of Druridge”

  1. J. Atkinson January 7, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    As you know nothing is guaranteed but surprisingly the best times for viewing the Prestwick Carr Shorties has been from late morning thro’ to early afternoon.

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