New to the area and just exploring the local sites. Keeping an eye open for everything that moves – be it birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles etc. and some things that dont, like castles.

A professional software developer I live in Bedlington with my wife and daughter and spend most of my spare time mostly wandering up and down the coast from North Yorkshire up to the Borders. Currently working on developing software for recording sightings (alongside the day job) – if you’re interested in providing feedback and suggestions please see my other blog : http://naturerecorder.wordpress.com/ or head straight to the website and download the alpha test : www.naturerecorder.com

All photographs on this blog belong to me except where stated, and all rights are reserved – no copying without permission! If you are interested in purchasing prints or using a photo please get in touch (for non-profit use I’m unlikely to say no, but some people have paid to use photos so to be fair to them I have to evaluate each case on its merit).


One Response to “About”

  1. Stewart Sexton May 25, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Hi Bedlington, Ta for the comments on my blog. I hope you are enjoying living in Northumberland ( unless you were from here originally?).

    I work in Bedlington. Its a handy location to get to several areas locally for wildlife without blasting seventy quid on fossil fuels. Cambois is a good area for migrants, sea birds and waders on the estuary, Plessey and Humford for the woodland stuff and maybe its worth while checking out some of the old pit heap areas in Bedlington for plants or butterflies etc. Get a large scale OS Map and find a path or rough area, woods etc somewhere that people dont normally go, and I bet you will enjoy it.

    Good Luck, I’ll enjoy reading your exploits.

    Oh and dont get sucked into that twitching mullarkey ( though we all have at some time ) everything comes to he who waits. Unless its a Black Scoter of course.

    All the best, S…

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