Recording Software

As you may or may not know my professional life for the past 20 years has revolved around writing software in one guise or another – either desktop or web-based, working with some of the world’s largest companies in Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance and Business Services.

I’m currently working on writing some nature recording software in my spare time. I’m doing it partly because my current Excel spreadsheet is limited in the ways I can view my information, partly because I haven’t seen any existing software that offers me what I want, partly because most of the existing software I’ve seen isn’t really of professional standard (IMHO).

I am very interested in getting ideas and feedback from people on what they’d look for in such a product and any general ideas or feedback on my suggestions, possibly including some beta testing of specific features and ideas initially and then ultimately trialling the software.

If you are interested in helping or just seeing what I’m up to please head over to where I’ve set up a blog to keep people updated on what I’ve done so far, what I’m planning to do, and to canvas opinions and feedback throughout the project.

I’ve now got an alpha-test release out with birders from around the world.. New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Whitley Bay are all represented. As well as the blog I now have which hosts downloads and will eventually supercede the blog.



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