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25 Jul

Well.. got confirmation yesterday that my piece is in this month’s CountryFile’s feature on the nation’s 50 favourite walks. Not from the beeb you understand but from my mum who’s subscription copy dropped onto the doormat at the weekend.

Nice to see it making it into print and they havent had to butcher my text too badly to get it down to their wording limit.


Like I say i don’t have a copy of it yet (doesn’t look like its hit the shops yet) so thanks to my dad for the scan. It appears that the article spreads a couple of pages and the top image is this one :



I had a phonecall this morning from them asking for my address so they can send me a copy, so I should see it for myself shortly.



20 May

Interesting news yesterday… BBC Countryfile magazine have asked me to write a short piece for their 50th edition in August about my favourite short walk.

No guarantees that it will make it in to the edition necessarily but its nice that they’ve invited me to contribute. Have to get my thinking cap on and get some suitable photos.