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Red Kites swoop on schoolchildren!?!

1 Jun

If it was me I’d think it was the best thing in the world to have a magnificent aerial acrobat swoop down and swipe my sarnies but the BBC seem to think otherwise :


I must admit I have a soft spot for red kites – for the best part of 10 years I used to drive from York to Leeds every day for work and would often see anywhere between one and five of them either perched in a tree by the road or swooping low overhead, and on several occasions I went and parked up behind Harewood House and watched groups soaring above the trees.

Red Kite

It is sad to see the overreaction and hyperbole of the media and locals’ (especially farmers) calls for culls only a few short years since the species was brought back from extinction in England.

Red Kite (captive)