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Euro roadtrip

24 Aug

Back from a bit of a roadtrip – instead of the usual circuit round Druridge Bay this time it was Bedlington -> France -> Germany -> Switzerland -> Germany -> Belgium -> France -> Bedlington.

A few lifers and year ticks… rough legged buzzard and black kite in France… white stork in Germany, red-crested pochard in Switzerland.

As much as anything I was impressed with the black redstarts in Germany – as common as sparrows and starlings in the black forest where we stayed with my brother for a few days.

Good on the butterfly front as well with pale clouded yellow, sooty copper and mazarine blue being lifetime firsts



White Stork?

25 Apr

Eschewed the countryside today for a change and went into Newcastle, partly to show the wife the Kittiwake colony nesting on and around the Tyne Bridge, however driving past Cramlington I spotted a very large bird circling high above the Merck-Sharpe and Dohme factory.

Assumed it was just a heron behaving oddly so pulled in to try and get a better look but it was so high and in bad light that I couldn’t do anything other than shrug my shoulders and put it down to exactly that.

When I returned home and checked whats been going on in the region I found that the white stork reported earlier in the morning had made its way up to Cresswell and then Druridge Pools.

Wonder if that was what we saw above Cramlington? Just one of those nagging doubts – well it looks kinda like a heron but doesn’t feel right for a heron, but what else could it be?

Guess I’ll never know!